I ran for public office this summer, which I’ll discuss in more detail in a later post—but first I wanted to share a few statistics from the campaign trail.

Total number of homes that I personally doorbelled: 8,283
…where at least one person was at home: 2,326
Total number of votes I received: 2,247
Total number of house pets that escaped: 1
Total number of wild animals sighted: 2
Total number of Trump supporters encountered: 3
Total number of times I was thrown out of a house because of my political views: 1
…on abortion: 0
…on gun control: 0
…on Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: 0
…on Donald Trump: 0
…on whether pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds of dogs:1 1
Total number of Pokemon caught: 1
Percentage of Seattle homes that still have their Christmas lights up in July: ~10%
Percentage of Seattle homes with a “no soliciting” sign: ~ 5%
…“no soliciting or canvassing”:2 ~ 1%
…“Members of this household will listen to solicitors for $50/minute, payable in advance. By ringing the doorbell you agree to these terms”:3 1
According to the woman who answered the door, total number of 43rd LD candidates (out of a possible eight)4 who had personally doorbelled her house in Wallingford: 5
Age of the oldest voter I doorbelled: 98
Total number of other candidates that I ran into while doorbelling:5 1
Total number of Mormon missionaries I ran into while doorbelling: 2
Total number of University of Washington law professors doorbelled: 3
Total number of times I wrote the words “Sorry I missed you!” on the back of a flyer: ~5,000

  1. It’s kind of a long story. []
  2. For what it’s worth: soliciting is commercial activity (i.e., asking people for money in exchange for goods or services). Going door-to-door to ask people for their vote is called canvassing, and going door-to-door to talk about religion is called proselytizing. Any time I saw a “no canvassing” (or “no politics”) sign, I skipped that house. []
  3. I was so disappointed that no one was home at this house. []
  4. Really it was out of six, since two of the candidates didn’t do any doorbelling. []
  5. I managed to doorbell a Brady Walkinshaw fundraising event. The closest I came to running into another candidate in my race was the day I came within about half an hour of crossing paths with Sameer Ranade, based on the sheer number of Madison Park houses that had his flyer stuck to their front doors. []